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    Hello in this Blog you'll get monthly Gem codes,tips on how to get flow fast.I will also post Ourworld Community news.Also If you want to mail me and be on my Blogroll I have a widget just click it.If you want to chat with me and someone else go to my public chat box it's xat.com/redbd07.max waz here
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How to get flow fast!


2.Say random words (or chat with other people)

3.Play games (best game to earn flow is FISHDOM)


2 Responses

  1. saying Cryobiologist(s?) gets you some pretty good flow.

    Yeaaah lolz ok see ya I think (max waz here 🙂 )

  2. i have a facebook and there is this necklace that gives u 5% more flow. how do i get it

    well If you log in your ourworld account first in the top find a *free gem* click that and must find a facebook sign and click that and you play ourworld and the necklace will be in your inventory (you need to be old enough to get it lol)max waz here

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